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When the Fireman Saw the Boy Without Speech, He Shocked Everyone by Speaking to Him

Photo: Youtube

It was a cold January evening in Manchester, New Hampshire. The little boy stood with wide eyes at the door of his apartment, watching the firemen walking around in the hallways in their stylish uniforms. The firemen had been called to the apartment complex to check four alarms that had suddenly gone off, as reported by the website Inspire More.

Little Tegan has Cerebral Palsy and cannot speak. While he stood there in the hallway watching the tough firemen, he made eye contact with one of them, Mike Rheault. Mike tells that he noticed the boy standing so still in the doorway.

«He looked at me as if he wanted to tell me something, but couldn’t,» says Mike.

Grew Up with Deaf Parents

Mike himself grew up with two deaf parents. Therefore, he quickly noticed that Tegan was reading his lips. Instead of moving on, Mike stopped and started to speak sign language with the boy.

«Hi, how are you?» said Mike. The boy smiled.

«My name is Mike. What’s your name?» the fireman continued.

«My name is Tegan,» the boy answered.

«Oh, it’s so nice to meet you,» said Mike.

Before Mike had to go, he managed to teach Tegan one more word in sign language, namely the sign for fireman.

Photo: Youtube

The Boy Was Overwhelmed with Excitement
Tegan’s mom, Amy McCall, was present and filmed parts of the conversation between her son and the fireman. She says that Tegan was completely overwhelmed with excitement after the conversation.

«I started to cry when I came back in,» says Amy.

Photo: Youtube

«Tegan was so happy,» she continues.

And so was Amy. She decided to post the video clip on Twitter. There, she thanked Mike and the entire Manchester Fire Department.

Watch the sweet video here:


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