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A girl saves a bumblebee and from that moment they become inseparable: «It follows me when I shop»

Pets do not have to be big and say «meow» or «wow».

Just ask Lacey Shillinglaw from Coventry in England. After taking care of a bumblebee, which she found with damaged wings on the ground, it has followed her faithfully wherever she goes.

Lacey Shillinglaw is a 13 year old girl who is definitely not afraid of insects, and especially not bumblebees. One day while walking her dog, she found a small creature lying on its back next to the road. As she approached, she realized it was a damaged hop. Without hesitation, Lacey bent down to pick up the poor insect and quickly realized that her small wings were severely damaged. At first the girl had intended to let the insect lie inside a flower in the nearest park, but the bumblebee did not seem to let go.

Lacey, really shocked by the little bumblebee’s behavior, decided to take it home. Now the bumblebee, nicknamed Betty, follows Lacey everywhere. Their friendship is unique and has left both the girl’s parents and friends speechless. The two have become so inseparable that they even eat together. Betty sleeps at the teenager’s bedside table at night and accompanies her when she goes shopping or bowls with her friends.

– Betty is absolutely fantastic. I thought she would run away the first day, but she did not. I am so happy and I love spending time with her. She is so soft and I love our friendship, «Lacey told Wales Online .

Photo: Youtube

Lacey feeds Betty sugar sugar, honey and strawberry jam, while occasionally spoiling her with lots of colorful sweets. On sunny days, the girl literally takes the insect out for a walk.

The incredible thing is that after the bumblebee’s small wings recovered, the insect followed its owner and 14 other people to a bowling match. Betty did not leave Lacey for a single second, she lay on her arm for a full two and a half hours. The girl’s mother did not believe her own eyes:

– It is fantastic to see how this little insect related to my daughter. I never thought a bumblebee could be a pet, but still it seems that Betty thrives perfectly with Lacey and walks carefully around her face, on her glasses and even between her toes, the woman says.

Although bumblebees, like wasps, can sting, it does not appear that Betty intends to harm her new best friend.

An unusual friendship that shows us how love can truly be a universal language! In the video below you can see the interaction between the two friends:

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