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Dead for 90 Minutes: Returns with a special message

Don Piper, a man who claims to have experienced the afterlife, describes his near-death experience as «spectacular.»

He recalls encountering scents he had never smelled before and hearing music so beautiful that it was beyond description. Piper, a Baptist pastor, insists that his experience was not a dream.

A Life-Changing Accident

In 1989, Piper was involved in a severe car accident on a bridge in Texas. A large truck collided with his car, causing life-threatening injuries. The steering wheel impaled his chest, and the roof of the car collapsed on his head.

«There is no way you could survive this accident,» Piper, who later wrote the book «90 Minutes in Heaven,» recounts.

Declared Dead on the Scene

Piper was declared dead at the scene and was without a pulse for 90 minutes. During this time, he claims to have communicated with deceased individuals, including his grandfather who welcomed him at a magnificent gate.

«The gates were reflecting light and seemed to pulse with life. That’s because in heaven, there is no artificial light; God’s glory illuminates everything,» Piper explains in his book.

As Piper’s lifeless body lay in the car, a couple stopped at the accident scene. They were told that Piper was dead, but Dick Onarecker, the husband, felt a strong urge to pray for him. During the prayers, Piper suddenly started breathing again.

A Long Road to Recovery

Although Piper survived, his journey back to normalcy was long and arduous, requiring 34 surgeries. He had to relearn how to walk.

Don Piper in hospital. Photo: private

«I knew I wouldn’t be the same physically because of the severe injuries, but I also knew what I had seen,» he writes.

Piper believes he was brought back to life to share an important message: «Heaven is a real place.» He has written the book «90 Minutes in Heaven,» which has sold over 4 million copies. Through his book and public speaking, he shares his experiences and looks forward to the day he can stand before the heavenly gates again.

Piper concludes by saying:

«It’s not that I don’t like being here; I’m actually very glad to be here, but this doesn’t seem real to me now because I know how temporary and fleeting it is. I can’t wait to go back there.»

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