41-year-old woman was tired of hiding her gray hairs – Her new look makes her unrecognizable

If you think of the word «makeover», it is often the first thing that strikes you that you should make a drastic change of appearance, and this change often consists of doing something artificial with your appearance. For example, coloring your hair, making up your face or whitening your teeth.

But some choose to do a «makeover» where you go the opposite way. That you let the natural show.

For example, 41-year-old Kerry Grundhoefer. This woman wanted to do something with her appearance.

Photo: Youtube

She was tired of always looking the same and wanted a change. She therefore contacted a celebrity stylist named Christopher. This stylist specializes in working with women who lack self-confidence.

For many years, Kerry had been concerned with coloring her hair. She wanted to hide her gray hair. All the coloring had made her hair dead and lifeless, she wanted to get the «spark» back to her hair.

Photo: Youtube

And one can safely say that Kerry got the change she was looking for. Is this what you might call a «reverse makeover»?

See the transformation in the clip below, I love her way of «makeover!»

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