13-year-old boy sings a song of Elvis Presley in the most impressive way

Although Elvis Presley passed away almost 45 years ago, his music is alive and well. 

Yaroslav Karpuk participated in the Russian television program «The Voice Kids», where the judges sit with their backs to the singer and are not allowed to see the artist until they possibly choose to turn around.

Yaroslav is only 13 years old at this moment, but he has a voice that belongs to a well grown man. And it’s not an exaggeration to say that his voice clearly matches Elvis Presley’s himself.

Photo: Youtube

Standing applause

The young boy goes on stage, and the musicians behind him start playing the classic «Can’t Help Falling In Love». When Yaroslav opens his mouth and begins to sing, the audience becomes speechless. Not to mention the judges. And it only takes a few seconds before the first referee presses the button and turns around.

The other two judges follow, and Yaroslav ends up receiving standing ovations, both from the courtroom and from the judging panel.

Elvis’ favorite

The song «Can’t Help Falling in Love» was first released in 1961. It was then included in Elvis Presley’s popular film «Blue Hawaii».

The song is said to be an Elvis Presley’s favorite. Throughout the 60s and 70s, he always performed the song at the end of his concerts. Also during his live appearance on the NBC TV special from 1968, it was included. And he sang it as the closing track of his worldwide television broadcast, «Aloha from Hawaii» in 1973.

Since then, countless artists have made their cover versions of the song. Among other things, the British reggae group UB40. their 1993 version topped both the US and UK singles charts.

Here you can see Yaroslav’s impressive performance in Russian «The Voice Kids»: 

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