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Heroic dog helps save lives in Ukraine by detecting explosives

Every day our thoughts go to the people of Ukraine. The gruesome stories are endless after Russia’s invasion. But there are also a number of stories about heroes who do their utmost to save lives.

We have all seen the news reports that show that virtually «all» Ukrainians are united in the task of protecting their country. In his last speech, for example, President Zelensky thanked the Ukrainian peasants .

But there are also animals that contribute to the war. Like this heroic little dog, who works hard to clear explosives.

Meet Patron. He is the mascot of Chernihiv pyrotechnicians. The city is constantly under shelling, but the doggo follows…

Posted by Petcube on Saturday, March 19, 2022

A video that is now going viral on Facebook shows the dog named Patron who is the «mascot» of explosion experts in Chernihiv, who is specially trained to sniff out Russian explosive devices.

In the video you see Patron in action, he is wearing his own protective vest, and uses his sense of smell to track the location of explosive weapons.

According to the post on Facebook, the dog has found 90 explosives since the start of the war last month.

Now this and other Ukrainian dogs are praised for the difference they make in the war.

«Thank you, friend, for your tireless work!», It says in the Facebook post.

In just two days, the video has been viewed over 175,000 times on Facebook in just two days, and many comment on the film clip

‘Please keep him safe! Honor to Ukraine! » reads one of the comments.

«God bless our boys and little four-legged helpers!» writes another.

Thanks to this brave little dog who works so hard to save lives in Ukraine. Keep up the good work, we pray for your safety!

🐶Новини від Патрона! Наш войовничий песик – талісман чернігівських піротехніків продовжує нести службу! З початку війни він разом із саперами ДСНС знешкодив майже 90 вибухонебезпечних предметів. Дякуємо, друже, за невтомну працю🤝!

Posted by ДСНС України on Saturday, March 19, 2022

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