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Gardeners’ friendship with the swan touches us – see the special photos

The special friendship takes place in Spain, more specifically Madrid.

Raul Pirù is a gardener at the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo in the Escorial of Madrid and takes care of the vegetation in the huge garden of this extraordinary place. It is precisely in this unique and rare place that Raul found an unexpected friendship in a swan.

Photo: Instagram

The photos of the special friendship were taken by Raul’s wife, Cala, who on her official Instagram page published photographs of the bond between her husband and this amazing wild animal.

Photo: Instagram

Raul managed to become friends with the swan precisely because the animal was lonely and had no female by his side. For this reason, the gardener took care of the swan for a whole year, fed it, and hit it every single day. It writes the Spanish newspaper ABC .

Although the owners of this incredible garden will soon also plan to acquire a female swan, it will be very difficult to give up such a friendship.

Photo: Instagram

Raul tells the newspaper that it took three things to be accepted by this beautiful white swan: «Many mornings, a lot of patience and a lot of care, and this is the result!»

And if the end result is a beautiful friendship between a human and a wild animal, then it was definitely worth it!

Photo: Instagram

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