He sings «Hallelujah» at the wedding – then something special happens that moves everyone to tears

It is no wonder that the video clip you will hear here has been viewed over 27 million times on Youtube.

In the clip below, it is not just any song the groom has planned to sing for his bride. He chose to sing «Hallelujah».

Leonard Cohen’s fantastic classics have been interpreted by countless singers over the years. But this time the groom does not sing «Hallelujah» in English, but in Portuguese.

I can understand why the bride, her bridesmaids and many of the wedding guests can not hold back their tears. This is truly a song that is suitable for all occasions, whether it is in joy and sorrow. And the fact that this version is sung at a wedding, in Portuguese, makes it even more sentimental and beautiful.

As soon as the groom starts singing, I get goosebumps all over my body. But what happens next is something no one is prepared for – or at least not the bride. This is just so beautiful. Listen and enjoy!

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