Father throws out gay son, then the mother divorces him and supports the son 100%

When a fifteen-year-old boy had gathered the courage to tell his father that he was gay, he got the worst possible reaction.

It is difficult enough to be fifteen years old, and even worse if one’s sexual orientation differs from that which is most accepted by society. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go before gays can feel confident that they will not provoke negative reactions.

The day the fifteen-year-old boy, chose to tell his father that he liked boys, he got anything but acceptance. The father responded by throwing out the son.

The boy’s mother has told the whole story on the discussion forum Reddit , and has received enormous support for how she handled the situation.

The fifteen-year-old was dissolved in tears, and called her mother at her job. Fortunately, the mother responded by leaving work and coming to support her son. Later, the mother had to prove that her support would last a lifetime.

Requested divorce

In addition to the fact that her husband turned out to be a homophobic and unsupportive father, he admitted to having been unfaithful to her several times. The mother thus chose to divorce her father.

Illustration image from Pexels.

The father regretted it and asked to stay, but the mother had finally opened her eyes to what an asshole he was, and stood his ground; he was going out!

The mother took her son to a hotel room, where they lived while the father packed his things and moved away from home. From the hotel room, the mother chose to share their story with the world, mostly to emphasize that it is important to support one’s children if they choose to communicate something real and important.

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