New optical illusion makes people wonder – How many numbers do you see?

An optical illusion has gone viral and you can safely say that it puts your vision to the test.

The swirling black and white image contains a number of numbers, but how many can you spot?

Thousands of people have tried after the illusion was shared on Twitter by user Benonwine .

The illusion is a measure of contrast sensitivity, which allows us to perceive the difference between objects and their background.

According to the Vision Center, contrast sensitivity is an important aspect of visual function. The image itself is of a mysterious number built into a striped black and gray circle that will make you dizzy if you look for too long.

The startling image also contains stripes sorted into uneven spirals that make the challenge of discovering the hidden number an even more difficult task.

Here you can try yourself:

When you read in the comments field on Twitter, it does not take long to discover that people see very differently.

Most report seeing 45283, while some only see 528.

However, the real answer is 3452839.

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