Do you have a «hawk’s eye»? See if you can solve this in under 20 seconds

For a long time, the internet has been home to a variety of visual brain teasers. Trying to find the solution is an excellent way to keep your brain in shape, stimulate cognitive abilities, and stay attentive to details in the world around us. Today, we’re going to test you on a new one.

Now’s your chance to see how focused your gaze is and what you can spot when you really concentrate.

If you can solve this in under 20 seconds, I’d say you have a keen eye for details!

Concentration, observational skills, and attention are all essential factors for solving this kind of challenge. The image we’re going to look at now poses a challenge for your eyes as it hides an intruder. Your task is to find it in under 20 seconds.

Take a close look at this picture: Were you able to spot the «intruder» that stands out?

We’ll reveal the answer below, so don’t scroll further unless you’re sure you want to see the solution.

Here it is, the inverted number 9 that blends in well with the regular ones, but we’re sure it hasn’t escaped your sharp eyes.

Feel free to share with family and friends to see if they can crack this one!

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