The Trick That Reveals Whether an Egg is Fresh or Not

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Knowing whether an egg is fresh can be crucial for both taste and food safety. Fortunately, there are several simple methods to check an egg’s freshness without breaking it. Here are some practical tips to help you determine if the eggs you plan to use are still good or past their prime.

One of the simplest and most reliable methods to test an egg’s freshness is the water test. All you need is a bowl of cold water:

  • Fill a bowl with cold water: The water should be deep enough for the eggs to float.
  • Place the egg in the water: Be sure to do this gently to avoid cracking.
  • Observe what happens:
    • If the egg sinks to the bottom and lies flat: This indicates that the egg is fresh and safe to eat.
    • If the egg sinks but stands on one end: The egg is still safe to eat but is not as fresh. It should be used soon.
    • If the egg floats: This means the egg is not fresh and should be discarded.

The water test works because eggshells are porous. As an egg ages, water evaporates through the shell, and air fills the space, causing the egg to float.

Take the water test to check if the egg is fresh or not. Illustration made with AI by Lattering.

You Can Listen to Whether an Egg is Fresh

Another method to check if an egg is fresh is to listen to the sound it makes. This requires a bit more practice and finesse:

  • Hold the egg near your ear.
  • Shake it gently.
  • Listen carefully:
    • No sound: This indicates that the egg is fresh. A tight inside does not allow the egg to make noise when shaken.
    • Faint sound: This may mean that the egg is starting to lose its freshness but can still be safe to eat.
    • Loud sound: A clear sound of the contents moving indicates that the egg has gone bad and should be discarded.

These methods are simple yet effective ways to ensure the eggs you use are of good quality. Using fresh eggs can make a significant difference in cooking, not just in terms of taste but also for food safety. By following these easy steps, you can easily check an egg’s freshness and ensure you are always using the best eggs for your meals.

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