Warning Single Women Against a Risky Mistake That Often Happens at the Hotel


A well-traveled woman has warned other women who travel alone to be cautious when checking into a hotel. The staff often does something that could put you at risk.

A Common Oversight During Check-in

Unfortunately, there are occasional horror stories about women traveling alone and experiencing terrible things. Most are very aware that caution and attentiveness are key when traveling solo, even if it sometimes feels like an overreaction.

TikTok user Patrice issued a warning about a fairly common detail during hotel check-in that could put female solo travelers at risk. And from the comments section, it turns out that many women have experienced just this.

In a now-deleted video on Patrice’s TikTok account, she warns, according to The Mirror, that hotel staff should never announce your room number aloud. If they do – she says you should ask for a different room.

“You might think it’s very excessive, but sometimes there are people in hotel lobbies who aren’t even guests at the hotel. You don’t need to make a big deal out of it, just request that your room number isn’t announced out loud,” she advises.

According to the British newspaper, Darlene Octavia in the comments section said this advice possibly saved her while she was traveling in the USA.

“I was staying at a random secluded inn. When I checked in, it was late and dark,” she recounts.

While she was checking in, a man came and tried to hit on her. The reception checked her in and loudly stated that her room was number 262.

When Darlene went to her room, the man suddenly hurried after her. That he had heard her room number during check-in was beyond doubt. And the man, who found it very pleasant to chat with Darlene, claimed he had the room next door.

The incident ended with Darlene returning to the reception to explain to the employee that they shouldn’t have said the room number out loud. Fortunately, they had another available room she could move into.


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