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Right or Wrong? Sister Kicked Out of Father’s Funeral – Here’s Why

Few events are as steeped in tradition and emotion as a funeral. The incident of a woman kicking her sister out of their father’s funeral has ignited a firestorm in the comment sections. Many believe the reason was entirely understandable. Some question whether this woman realizes that the man was also her sister’s father.

A woman turned to Reddit after her father’s burial. She was the one who had planned the funeral since her mother, who had recently become a widow, took the loss very hard. Now, she is asking the online community whether it was wrong of her to dismiss her sister from their father’s funeral. The reason? She dresses in an emo style, with skulls, extravagant collars, a lot of black and red, and heavy makeup.

– I really don’t care most of the time, she can wear whatever she wants, the woman said.

However, she points out that her sister’s unconventional style of dress is a problem at significant events.

– She always goes all out with her outfits. I don’t understand why she never wants to tone it down. For the funeral, she showed up wearing a short skirt, a T-shirt with a band’s picture on it, heavy makeup, fishnet stockings, and skull jewelry. I was very upset that she couldn’t dress appropriately for a funeral and asked her to leave, the woman shared in her post.

In a later comment, she clarified that her sister is not a teenager but 26 years old. She also admits that neither she nor her mother has a close relationship with the emo sister. The woman also pointed out that her sister hadn’t spoken to their deceased father for a long time, nor had she said goodbye to him on his deathbed.

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However, she wouldn’t hear any admonishment about her style of dress.

– She got pissed when I asked her to go home and put on a respectable outfit. But she stayed until my mom asked her to leave because she couldn’t dress appropriately, the woman wrote.

The episode resulted in the sister leaving. She did not return to the funeral. The woman feels that many agree that her sister’s outfit was entirely inappropriate for a funeral and support her decision. Some, however, think she went too far.

In the comment section, few disagree that skulls, miniskirts, and fishnet stockings are unsuitable for a funeral.

“It sounds like your sister really didn’t care,” one person commented.

“Miniskirts and fishnet stockings are nowhere near appropriate for a funeral. It would have been completely different if she had worn a black dress with some jewelry in her own style. But as a 26-year-old, she should know that this was at best completely tone-deaf, and at worst attention-seeking,” another added, also noting that “With the additional context that she couldn’t even bother to come to say goodbye to her father on his deathbed, it’s not you who, in my eyes, has acted like a jerk.”

The post has also been commented on by people who dress in the same style as the sister. One of these points out that “by the time you’re 26, you should know how to dress for formal occasions.”

Another emo, nearly 40, says she “would never DREAM of doing this.” She adds that she herself would choose “a blazer, nice trousers and blouse, or a toned-down formal dress for a funeral – or simply not go.”

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Even though most people can agree that the outfit was unsuitable, there are also some who disagree that the 26-year-old was kicked out of her father’s funeral.

“The clothes weren’t appropriate, but it’s still not a valid reason to kick the deceased’s child out of the funeral. He was her father. She was denied mourning because of her clothes. That’s utterly disgusting behavior.”

Beneath the comment, another person asks who dictates what’s okay at a funeral and advocates letting people wear what they want.

“Do you understand that this was also her father?” one person questions. He adds that he agrees the outfit was inappropriate, but that it only reflected back on her – until she was asked to leave.

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