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Mother of young children: «Raise your own child – stop blaming the teacher»

The debate about whether it is the school’s or the parents’ task to be responsible for the upbringing of the children has been raging online for many years.

Both teachers and parents have watched and constantly been out saying that now is enough. Now parents need to take more responsibility. One of these is the mother of a small child, Maria Celin. She has written a post on Facebook , which is also published in Expressen, where she takes a strong stand against today’s parents.

Grateful that we have a school

«The other day I was at a meeting at the children’s school. We went through the usual points. The food, the security, the schoolyard and substitutes. And then the point that made me so uncomfortable that I wanted to get up and scream. Teachers who are on sick leave due to parental incitement. Which parent bullies and incites a doctrine to illness?

I have always been incredibly grateful for the children’s school. That we have a school system that gives our children knowledge, food and security, every single day. That there are people there who take responsibility for my children’s well-being, safety and curiosity. Who hugs, hears, teaches and cares.

Of course, there have been times with substitutes who are not quite top, problems and understaffing. But the children have managed it. We have never felt insecure and above all never anger.

We’re fine too 

I can only boil this down until we have it too good. That is the only reason why someone can scold a teacher for sick leave. We are so spoiled that we do not see all the wonderful things we have.

But raising our children we can not. People complain at school that it is too noisy in class. That the children do not listen, do not arrive on time and are rude to the teacher.

Take responsibility for your own child

The school will teach the children about geography, mathematics, chemistry and language. YOU as a parent should teach the child empathy, order, how to show respect for other people, wait for a turn, gratitude and meet in time. YOU as a parent must invest energy, energy, time and a lot of fervor to create a person who can behave in furnished homes. YOU as a parent have brought a human being to this world and you bear the responsibility to create a citizen who can function in society. If you have the slightest doubt whether you are fit for such a lifelong task, do not have children.

Now parents must take responsibility, Maria writes. 
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There is a huge fear on the part of the adults to tell their own and others’ children. Like being afraid that the children will be bored and hurt. Or is it just that you do not have the strength to take the fight? In that case, it leads to children not learning that there are boundaries. And children who do not have boundaries must suffer. Among other things at school. The parents have then placed the responsibility for setting boundaries on the teacher. A teacher who tries to do his job, while at the same time teaching the children how to behave. A task that is the parents’ biggest and most important task.

School is a wonderful luxury 

School is a luxury we should actually be grateful that we have. No one should throw dirt on and above all bully a person who goes to work every day to make sure YOUR child gets wiser and gets better conditions for a good life.

We constantly hear alarming news about a school in decline and the change can only begin with us as parents. I want a revolt where the adults actually take their responsibility and invest time and commitment in the most important thing we have, our children.

By Maria Celin. A mother who has had enough. «

The post of the mother of the toddler has created an enormous engagement in social media.

«Now we are creating debate! Thanks to everyone who shares and comments on my post, « Maria writes on Facebook.

Do you agree with Maria? In that case, press the share button! 

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