The girl was a bully. Then her father gave her a punishment that is both praised and criticized

When the daughter (10) came home from school for the second time with the message that she had bullied others, the father found out that he should give her a lesson.

Matt Cox from Ohio in the USA, was quite upset when the daughter came home from school with the message that she had bullied others. Her behavior on the school bus was particularly bad, and now she had been banned from the school bus for three days. It writes the website Parenting is not easy .

Matt tried to talk to his daughter. He also warned her that there would be consequences. But nothing went in. The daughter just kept bullying others.

Then Matt came up with an appropriate punishment.

Had to walk to and from school

Monday morning, the daughter got up as usual and got ready to go to school. But when she went out to the car to ride with her father, she was told that she was not allowed to ride. She had to go. For the next three days, the daughter had to walk to and from school in the cold weather. It was December and the degree showed two degrees.

Her father drove behind her all the way, filming her. Then he posted the video on Facebook. There was a tremendous commitment. People both praised and criticized Matt for his punishment.

Was both praised and criticized

Some thought the punishment was perfectly appropriate. Others thought it was too hard. Some were worried about the girl, and thought it was too cold to go out in December. Others thought it was their father’s fault to film the girl and post it on Facebook.

One who comments on the video on Youtube writes: 

«Dad drives behind her all the time, and she seems to be properly dressed for the weather. I think what he did was appropriate. She knows her father is serious now. I bet she does not want to bully again. Parents must take back the parental role and stop expecting schools to do so. Hey, Dad! ”

The father himself believes that he has seen improvement in his daughter. 

«She still has all body parts intact, she is happy and healthy, and it seems that she has gained a new perspective on bullying. In addition, she does not take everything for granted anymore, « he says.

Here you can see the father’s video: 

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