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Research: going on a girls’ trip is the best thing you can do for your health

Start planning your next trip, girls! 

Going on a trip with your friends is probably something that most people think is a fun break from everyday life. But it’s not just that such trips are fun that is why you should go on them.

A study carried out at Harvard University states that a holiday trip with your girlfriends is one of the best things you can do for your health.

The social prolongs life 

Womens Health writes about the study, which is published on Harvard’s website .

The researchers behind the study list a number of reasons why it is healthy to go on holiday with friends.

  • Friendship and spending time with friends prolongs our lifespan
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Makes us more able to tolerate physical and mental pain better

– Social connections are as important for our bodies as abstaining from smoking and as important as sleep, say the researchers.

According to Harvard, a study was conducted with over 309,000 participants. There it was concluded that if you lack strong social relationships, you have a 50% increase in the risk of early death. It is compared to smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and according to Harvard, is more dangerous than both extreme obesity and physical inactivity.


Spending time with friends increases the body’s production of the hormone oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. Oxytocin enhances feelings of love, social cohesion and well-being.

Going on a girl’s trip is good for your health. Photo: Pixabay

– Several studies indicate that people who have satisfactory relationships with friends and family are happier, have fewer health problems and live longer, say the researchers.

In the past, psychologist Nava Silton has highlighted the importance of mothers in particular being allowed to go on holiday alone . She believes it is important for the children to experience that father also manages the home when mother is away.

“Dear all mothers out there. Take a little break now from what you are doing. Go online and search for «holiday» and treat yourself to some alone time. With a clear conscience,» she says.

Own time is important 

Parisa Saleh works as a family therapist and runs Bergen Family Therapy . She says to Sosialnytt that prioritizing personal time is important in any relationship.

– When you are in a relationship, it can be just as important to prioritize your own time as it is to prioritize your partner’s time. The relationship should be a safe place where there is room to have joint projects together as a couple, and a place where you can also get support and room to also cultivate your own interests and set your own goals, she tells Sosialnytt.

Furthermore, Saleh says that the need for personal time is not necessarily the same for everyone.

– This need can vary from person to person, and it is therefore important that you talk about this and understand that this need may look different to you than it does to your partner. Explain to your partner why it is important for you to have time to yourself and talk about how it can be positive for the relationship.

In other words, you have good reasons to start planning your next girl’s trip!

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