Arnold Schwarzenegger Provides New Health Update: Underwent Surgery on Monday

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

In October 2020, Arnold Schwarzenegger informed from his hospital bed that he was on the mend following a heart operation. In his own podcast, Arnold’s Pump Club, he recently revealed that he has had a pacemaker fitted.

Entertainment Weekly reports on the Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s podcast, where he shares that he recently received a pacemaker.

«Last Monday, I underwent surgery to become a bit more of a machine: I got a pacemaker. First and foremost, I want you to know that I’m doing well! I had surgery on Monday, and by Friday, I was already attending a major environmental event with my friend and fellow fitness crusader, Jane Fonda. Nobody would ever have thought I started the week with an operation.»

Schwarzenegger, who has been admitted and operated on at the Cleveland Clinic, also took the opportunity to thank all the doctors and nurses who took care of him and made the operation as painless as possible.

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This marks the fourth time the former Governor of California has undergone heart surgery. He suffers from the same genetic heart condition that claimed his mother’s life in 1998.

«I’ve kept in touch with my medical team and visited them personally at least once a year for a complete checkup to see how my heart is doing. That’s life with a genetic heart problem. But you’re not going to hear me complain,» he says.

Schwarzenegger first became aware of the need for a pacemaker earlier this month during a routine check-up.

«I could have kept it a secret, but I know we now have more than 750,000 subscribers – the village has become a town – and many of you probably have your own health challenges. I want you to know that you’re not alone. And if you’re postponing anything out of fear, I hope I inspire you to listen to your doctors and take care of yourself,» he tells his listeners.

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